Sara Rodrigue from the Project for Sanitation Justice

Sara (she/her) is currently in her fourth year at San Diego State University majoring in public health. She is a Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) scholar and an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Calzo’s Action Research on Community Health Equity and Stigma (ARCHES) Lab. She serves as a research assistant on three projects: one utilizing longitudinal surveys to study factors that predict better academic outcomes and mental health among LGBTQ+ high school students; a second that applies ecological momentary assessment methods to stress and social impacts on smoking behaviors in LGBTQ+ communities; and a new project that uses observational field techniques to examining the state of public restrooms to determine their condition and management and to identify potential barriers to access, especially for populations experiencing homelessness. She is interested in conducting public health research within maternal and child healthcare focused on populations experiencing homelessness and/or addiction.