The Project for Sanitation Justice is currently supported by

Our Work Currently Has Four Angles

1. Bathroom Mapping and Spatial Analysis

2. Field Assessment of Bathroom Infrastructure (“toilet audit”)

3. Social Survey of Populations That are Public Restroom-Reliant

4. Concept Mapping to Understand Drivers of Community Opposition to, And Acceptance of, Public Restrooms

Over the next several months, our team will complete several additional research activities.

A public restroom field infrastructure assessment will provide an audit of public restroom quality and accessibility, including taking a closer look at the hours of operation of facilities, ADA-compliance issues, and health and safety features such as ventilation, hygiene products, and lighting. 

A social survey, run in partnership with Think Dignity, will gather the experiences and perspectives of public restroom-reliant individuals, such as people experiencing homelessness.

Lastly, true to our commitment to conduct research to directly inform more equitable policy-making we are beginning a study to 1) understand drivers of community opposition to, and acceptance of, public restrooms; and 2) identify communication strategies that can overcome opposition and bolster public support for restrooms as a crucial public health intervention.

Updates on these projects and study findings will be regularly posted on our website.