The Project For Sanitation Justice

The Project for Sanitation Justice was launched in 2020 with the goal of identifying and visualizing existing public restroom facilities to drive action towards more just and equitable decision-making around public restrooms in San Diego County.

Who We Are

Our interdisciplinary academic research team is led by faculty in City Planning, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, and Public Health, and consists of a talented student team with expertise in Psychology, Public Health, Sociology, Social Work, and much more!

Our lead community partner is Think Dignity, a San Diego-based non-profit organization that advances basic dignity for people experiencing homelessness through advocacy and innovation. Think Dignity has been advocating for universal sanitation access in San Diego for over 15 years.

What We Value

  • Collaboration and participatory research, focused on equitable partnerships
  • Our community partners’ expertise, leadership, and deep knowledge of the context in which interventions and policy solutions are implemented
  • Lived experiences of people & groups, who are often excluded from conversations about health & safety
  • Data of every kind! Data are powerful, enable understanding of the urgency of issues, and encourage informed and equitable decision-making among policymakers, community organizations, and the general public.

What We Do

Research to provide data-informed recommendations to strategically improve access to public restrooms, and subsequently, public health, across San Diego County.